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When it comes to auto accidents there physical injuries and hidden injuries, such as trauma or concussion. We have seen cases where days become weeks, weeks become years and the victims are still traumatized or have concussive complications. These psychological or head trauma take a long time to recover from. Medical expenses add up from these injuries. This needs to be considered when fighting for a maximum payout from your auto accident.

With physical auto injuries there are shattered bones, spinal disc injuries, skull fractures, disconnected libs, cuts, dislocated shoulders, penetrative injuries, or disabilities. We see a lot of these accidents occurring from being hit by a driver who is: drunk, changes lanes without the indicator on, having a defective car part, not driving properly on a slippery road, failing to comply with traffic rules, or over-speeding. We have an expert law team with 25 years experience that can evaluate your situation and move towards getting you the maximum compensation so you are able to take care of your needs moving forward.

Why should you hire Bryant Green & Associates?

Bryant Green & Associates are a very reputable and well-known boutique law firm with years experience of successful cases in getting maximum payouts for their clients (see our reviews). We provide top-quality representation because:

  • We are a boutique law firm so our lawyers are able to attend to our clients with absolute attention and exhaust every resource until you receive what you deserve. It’s about the quality of representation, not taking on every case to build a “portfolio.”

  • We also have vast experience dealing with insurance companies, so you are not further victimized by coercion or manipulation. Our legal experts have negotiation tactics to maximize your case payment output, get your paid quicker and at times avoid lengthy cases going to the court.

  • We group our lawyer team for each case. As the saying is, “Two minds are better than one,” which is absolutely true. Case analysis from different perspectives provides the for better insight and helps for a better payout.

  • We encourage and promote direct communication with us via email or phone call. Bryant Green & Associates will schedule calls, so there is no miscommunication.

  • We tell it as it is! Even though unfortunate events such as car crashes or motorbike incidents are sensitive matters, we do not sugarcoat the analysis. Our lawyer’s practice code of conduct with honest and upfront conversation without any false promises. 

How is Bryant Green & Associates beneficial for you?

Some of the questions that you are thinking immediately after suffering from a car accident are:
Will I get my car fixed?
Who will cover the medical insurance?
How will I be not able to work?
Will I be paid since I am unable to work because of an injury?
Bryant Green & Associates answers these questions for you:

Upon taking your case:

  • We will launch an immediate investigation into the case. We discuss every legal option available and answer the obvious questions before getting into detail.

  • We will provide you with the best expert doctors to see.

  • We will handle your Medical Bills and assist you in any matter with recovery.

  • We will deal with police and law authorities. We work closely with your insurance provider

  • We work tirelessly to figure out the best compensation route.

  • Bryant Green & Associates figures your present and future losses and move to build a strong case. These can include emotional, physical, and work-related damages for a maximum settlement.

  •  Bryant Green & Associates works with expert medical analysts to figure out the potential future implication of your injuries.

  • We handle every minute detail of the case and fight or defend tooth and nail, so you earn the compensation you deserve.

Remember…Your case is just a number to your insurance provider. They probably have numerous cases just like yours, so don’t expect any priority or special treatment from them. Many insurance investigators will pay you as little as possible as soon as possible and move on to the next case. We present a complete analysis that includes future impact which works towards maximizing your settlement.

What to do immediately after a car accident?

Your body may be producing an extra amount of adrenaline to recover from the sudden impact. You are unsure what to do, so let us help you:

  • First, report the accident to the authorities. The longer you wait, the higher the chances of evidence waste and manipulation. File a report, so the accident becomes a part of the permanent record.

  • Take photos! Everyone has a mobile phone these days. Begin documenting by making videos or taking photos of the damage, driver licenses, or injuries to you. Ask for a bystander to take pics and send them to you if you are not carrying a phone.

  • If you see any witnesses, collect their contact information. Your lawyer at Bryant Green & Associates will do the rest.

  • We can recommend a doctor for you to see for a proper diagnosis and prognosis, which will become critical information for us to build your case.

  • Bryant Green & Associates representative team will communicate with the insurance provider and other parties involved. Your job is to rest and recuperate.

What not to do?

As soon as you become collateral damage in a car accident, an insurance provider will show up to question everyone involved and gain clarity of the situation. The representative will seem very compassionate and cooperative. However, that is only on the surface. Their intention is to pay out and close the file. Refrain from talking to any such representatives and provide them with your lawyer’s contact information at Bryant Green & Associates.

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