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There has been an increase in Motorcycle accidents due to negligence of another vehicle. According to the official report by the government motorcyclists, have a twenty six times higher chance of being killed in a motor vechicle accident than an auto vehicle and a lot higher chance of bodily injury. If unfortunately, you are involved in a motorcycle accident then you should consult with the us by filling out this form or calling 404-522-5330. We will help by accessing your case, damages, and provide you with the best course of legal action.

According to the negligence law of the Georgia O.C.G.A. § 51-12-33. If two people have an accident the concerned authority will calculate the faults of both parties and if both parties are 50% at fault then no one will be liable to claim for the compensation. It means that for the compensation in an accident you should have less than 50% at fault otherwise your claim will be denied.

Let’s take an example, you were riding your motorcycle but did not wear a helmet and had an accident with the car due to negligence of the car driver. In this situation, the insurance company might claim you have no right to any compensation because you are at fault of the law. We can help provide you with proper guidance in these situations.

What to do if you are in a motorcycle accident?

STEP ONE: If you are in a motorcycle accident and you are not at fault then immediately call the police at 911 to register an official complaint.

STEP TWO: Capture pictures of the other vehicle, pictures of your motorcycle. If you are injured and there are witnesses of the accident, try to get their phone number, name so you can contact them later for a witness statement.

STEP THREE: Contact us and we will help you in the claim procedure and to help you with the process and access damages.

Insurance companies have been known to try and keep the compensation low. We specialize in maximizing your payout.

One very important thing to know: do not record any statements to the insurance company. It will affect your case. We have the years of legal expertise to represent you to the insurance companies. We will help in the calculation of your compensation of the damages and we negotiate with the insurance company. It will help you to recover the maximum compensation.

In any accident, you can claim economic damages or non-economic damages. It means in case of bodily injuries you can claim for the medical expenses, stress, loss of wage, pain, and suffering and in case of damage to the motorcycle, you can claim the compensation against the damages.

Motorcycle Accidents are a speciality at the Law Office of W. Bryant Green, III, P.C.. We protect motorcyclists rights. Motorcycle accidents can result in serious injury and are often times due to automobile driver negligence. Let us help you get the Maximum Payout


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