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According to the latest report, in the USA there are around 47 Million Bicyclists. With millions of people riding bicycles the chances of accidents increases, especially around congested in-town areas in Atlanta, Piedmont Park, and The Belt Line. Many local cyclists are injured or killed in bicycle accidents every year. The majority of people don’t understand the process of reporting and claiming a case for their bicycle accident. We provide years of expertise, knowledge, and case success for this.

The law protects everyone no matter what a person is riding. If you were unfortunately injured in a bicycle accident then you should fill out this form to contact us as soon as possible or call 404 522-5330. We will access your case and provide you with the highest rated legal action moving forward. We have 25 years of legal expertise to guide you in the claim procedure, We help with calculation of damages, negotiation with the insurance company and the offender, filing the case in court, and maximizing your payout.

With bicycle accidents there are two types of claims;
Bodily and mental Injury Claim:

If you have an accident due to negligence of another person and face bodily and metal injuries then we can help you claim for the medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering.

Property Damage Claim:
If you have an accident due to negligence of another person and your bicycle is damaged then we can help you claim for the damages or replacement of your bicycle.
What if you have a bicycle accident with a car?
If you have an accident with a car then you must play an active role. We understand that at that moment most people are in shock so they ignore several important things but it is your legal right to get compensation so you must play an active role.

STEP 1: Call the police by calling 911.
The police will register the complaint, then quickly capture the pictures of the car, pictures of your bicycle, if you face body injuries then photos of yourself. If there are witnesses of the accident then try to get their personal information so later it can be used in the claim.

Step 2: Contact our bicycle accident legal specialists by filling out this form.
Our lawyer team will give you the highest rated legal advice to help you with a potential payout and to recover any damages.

An important thing that you should know. Do not sign any settlement with the insurance company before reaching out to us. Insurance companies have been known to try and settle matters for far below what you deserve. Do not disclose everything to any insurance company before reaching out to us. We will help you get the highest compensation as we have 25 years experience negotiating with the insurance companies. Maximizing your compensation.

Hit and Run Case:
If you have a bicycle accident with a car and the driver doesn’t stop the car then this is a hit and run case. In this situation try to capture a picture of the car or the license plate number. Then if there are any witnesses try to get their phone numbers and names. In the end, reach out to us by filling out this form or by calling – phone number –



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