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Over 90,000 wrongful deaths occur every year in the United States, solely because of Medical Malpractice. If you think you, a family member, or friend is a victim of medical malpractice, please have them contact us today. We have a long track record in recovering damages for our clients.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

The Bitter Reality of Nursing Home Abuse

The elderly and people with serious injuries are vulnerable to neglect since they cannot defend themselves. Subpar care and undertrained staff is an unfortunate reality of life in a lot of nursing homes.

Bryant Green & Associates has 25 years experience in defending your loved ones that may fall victim to such problems. Your family deserves the best care available and if neglect has happened you may be entitled to remunerations. 

Bryant Green & Associates identifies nursing home negligence

Bryant Green & Associates analyses the care plan. We assess its implementation and impact. In past cases it is discovered that doctors, nurses, and staff have equally contributed to the negligent care. Bryant Green & Associates gets to the root of the issues and helps you get the maximum payout entitled to you.

Our experienced law team also evaluates the nurse to an attendant ratio to assess the quality of care. An understaffed facility can result in poor quality care management and deaths in the worst cases. With the pandemic we have seen a rise in neglect cases. One main reason has been turn over of staff and hire of underqualified people.

With the elderly we see psychological as well as physical abuse, both having serious consequences. Injuries can be prevented with an active patient care programs. We have experience evaluating this program and help you to get a maximum payout for patient neglect.

Nurses are required to maintain healthcare charts and supervise physical and psychological patient development. They are also required to report progress to the doctors. Any failure to convey to the doctors can result in medicine mismanagement, infection, or injury. We have the experience to evaluate these reports and assess the degree of nursing home neglect.

There is always the possibility that a facility may try to cover up negligence for the sake of avoiding a lawsuit or because of the consequences of negative publicity. Bryant Green and Associates nursing home neglect lawyer investigates, speaks with doctors and nurses to identify negligence. Our priority is our clients and maximizing the payout you deserve.

Why do you need a care abuse lawyer? And why hire us?

Bryant Green & Associates are a boutique law firm that prioritizes your case especially when extreme neglect involving physical harm. We may involve the proper authorities to launch an extensive investigation into the matter, so you are appropriately compensated.

The family has the right to either settle or take the matter to court. The case if presented in a civil court. Our nursing home lawyer specialist at Bryant Green & Associates have the experience to cross-question individuals involved for a fair assessment under the law.

For nursing home care abuse you need a very specialized lawyer and someone with extensive experience in this field. Neglect cases must be addressed to the fullest extent, resulting in maximum compensation, damages, and sometimes even a public apology to the grieving family.

Homecare service cases are best handled by a lawyer who specializes in this area. That is because of the complications present in the law. Staffing matters and regulatory assessment should be only handled by someone with experience with Nursing home neglect. Bryant Green & Associates takes proper steps such as evidence preservations, review notices, collection of nursing notes, and witness testimonies to preserve the integrity of the case.

Example to cement anti-negligent perspective

For example, subsequent legal and medical decisions are tough to make when the elderly suffer from bedsores after being quickly discharged from the hospital. According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, if left untreated, the patient can develop sepsis with a 50% survival rate.

Moreover, at least one-third of the American population is experiencing bedsores related to spinal cord injuries. Therefore, nursing home establishments should be aware of the mortality rate to better care for such patients before the situation gets out of control.

Bryant Green & Associates level of assistance in Abuse cases

The real challenge in these abuse cases is proving negligence happened. After you make a complaint of any occurrence of a negligent, there is a possibility that the nursing home erect walls to maintain their authenticity. As and example the staff might be now tough to reach or does not answer you when called. Any particulars related to the cases are hidden and only presented unless requested by the court. Before you go down the path of handling your nursing home neglect case contact us by filling out this form. We will evaluate your case and let you know the best steps moving forward.

Bryant Green & Associates understands the complexities since the loved one in question cannot explain the events either to illness, death, or limited mental capacity. We make it our personal mission to surface the facts by perusing records, holding interviews, and requesting motions to preserve evidence.

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Bryant Green & Associates firmly believes nursing homes must be rid of all injuries and unfortunate events as this negates the purpose of these establishments. We handle injury, falls, and negligence caused by the staff or nurses.

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